Reduced budgets and compressed timelines are business realities today, placing huge demands on each project.  The upshot is that you need a research partner who can solve problems and uncover insights quickly and efficiently.  There are five building blocks to my approach that make it possible for me, even in these turbulent times, to come through for my clients, no matter what.

Original and Innovative

“The best way to find the right tool for the job is to learn to be good at switching hammers.”  Seth Godin

I never use an off-the-shelf generic research design.  My commitment is to create an original, unique and customized design to reflect your distinct problems.

The result:  surprising and unexpected insights that will help you confidently take the right action to move you forward.

Creativity and imagination

“Odd how the creative power brings the whole universe to order.” – Virginia Woolf

Creativity is central to designing research that will be more than a commodity.  With creativity, you’ll get research that yields fresh, original insights not easily replicated by your competitors.

What’s more, creativity lets you do quick, cost-effective research without compromising your goals.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  Leonardo da Vinci

I will make your life easier by intensely and passionately overseeing each and every aspect of your project.

Everything will run smoothly and efficiently and you’ll never have to worry about any detail, no matter how minor it might seem.

Intellectual honesty

“Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom” — Thomas Jefferson

I have the courage and conviction to tell the truth about what the research reveals, even when it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable.  A commitment to the truth is who I am, and this underscores the essence of my work.

With the truth, I will push you into unchartered territory that you might not have otherwise discovered.

You will discover bold, original insights that have the power to reframe and reshape the conventional wisdom.