Research vs. Insights?

by Barbara Milgram | Posted in Research |




Everywhere I look online, people are talking about insights.  It’s clearly a hot topic.

I’ve spoken about insights in the context of time…something all too rare nowadays.  The relationship between time and insights is crucial because while research can be done quickly, insights require time in order to actually put the pieces of the puzzle together. Here’s why: 

Insights are not immediately apparent.  They need to be poked at to reveal themselves, and that takes time.

Insights deliver a narrative that does more than summarize data, and that takes time.

Insights thrive with a consultative client partnership and that needs to be nurtured, which takes time.

Insights do more than meet objectives.  They provide perspective and recommend action, which of course, takes time.

Since projects tend to continually be on the fast track, it’s easy to see why there are bucket loads of research out there, but much less real insight.  Just think about what we could do with just a little more time!


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