Haste Makes Waste

by Barbara Milgram | Posted in Focus Groups, Research |




There’s an interesting article on Quirks.com warning researchers not to rush through the qualitative screening process.  This has been a concern of mine recently.  Over the past few years, the lead-time for many projects has shrunk (along with budgets) while the pressure to deliver powerful insights has grown greatly.  It used to be standard to have two weeks for recruiting.  Lately, I’m routinely asked to recruit in less than one week.  Once I was only given three days.

Yes…this is doable, but not without trade-offs.  Finding articulate and creative respondents, simply takes time.  Sure, we can fill the groups.  But not always with the people we want.

Sometimes, just like life in general, it is better to breathe.  Slow down.  Be thoughtful.  After all, we’ll have time to do it over if the research is not helpful.  Why not invest just a little more time to get it right the first time around?

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