Haste Makes Waste, Part 2

by Barbara Milgram | Posted in Focus Groups |




Opinions Are Easy to Come By; Insight Takes Time

The stock market is up. No, wait, it’s down again. It’s back up again. If you look at the numbers, you find out about today.  You get a snapshot, but not the big picture, and not what is really needed to make an informed decision.

It’s the same with market research. There’s so much pressure to hurry up that genuine insights never get a chance to bubble up to the surface.  We wind up with a snapshot, not the big picture.  There’s so much undiscovered magic.

In qualitative research, I hear tons of words, but they don’t all mean something.  It takes time to sort through what is said and understand what  people really mean.  That’s how I  arrive at the insight that will truly move things forward.

When I have the luxury of some time, I give my clients not the minutes from a focus group, but multi-layered insights that really shake up the conventional wisdom.

I think this is worth a little bit of extra time. What about you?

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