“I have been working with Barbara for almost ten years.  I have worked with many qualitative researchers in my career and Barbara is the best.  She is more than a moderator.  She is a strategic thinker who becomes a part of your team in trying to solve your strategic questions.  I did not just receive a summary of verbatims with key themes that emerge.  I was there.  I don’t need that. What I appreciate is that Barbara takes the analysis to a whole other level and provides a framework, a filter, or a concept that turns days and days of conversation into something that makes sense.  On every project we have worked on together, Barbara has brought a strategic approach to the findings that allowed me as the client to better understand the issue with which I was struggling.  She always told me what I needed to hear, whether I wanted to hear it or not.  You need that in a researcher.  I could not recommend Barbara more highly.”
Bill O’Leary/Chief Marketing Officer – Georgetown University

“I worked with Barbara while I was at KFC and it was always a fantastic experience.  She brings a wealth of passion and creativity to every project, has great skill as a moderator in eliciting insights and is extremely organized.  Her attention to detail is unmatched.  Her reports, loaded with insights and creativity, are true standouts. With her agency background, she also has deep knowledge of creative hooks and ways of effectively communicating USP’s in products.  Barbara continually steps outside her comfort zone and does what is right for the project.  She is fearless when dealing with clients, offering perspectives that are objective and timely.  Her style and commitment to excellence helped KFC yield relevant learning for the brand and her work on an Online Blog was a real breakthrough for us.
Alex Garnick/Manager, Market Research-Food – Reckitt Benckiser

“I have worked with Barbara for over 15 years at two different companies.  Barbara always brings creativity and strategic thinking to every project, big or small.  She shines in her commitment to quality and helps us develop sharp, useful insights as a result.  Barbara’s presentations are second to none in their clarity of thought and unique, visual style of presenting.  She manages to be both streamlined and deep at the same time, communicating complicated ideas in such a simple way that you just immediately know what everything means.”
Kathy Lammers – Director of Consumer Insights/KFC

“It’s always a pleasure working with a professional like Barbara.  She operates as an active team member on our research projects and is definitely much more than a “vendor”.  Her strength lies in her ability to quickly grasp the issues and turn that into actionable research.  I would highly recommend her and will definitely work with her on future projects at The New York Times.”
Michael Grissom/The New York Times

“I have worked with Barbara first at KFC and then for Panera Bread and T-Mobile while as a consultant.  I always reach out to Barbara when we have a project that requires someone who can really get beneath the surface and uncover the underlying truth about consumers.  She is adept at developing creative approaches to use in the groups and she has an amazing ability to present the findings in a concise, visual and impactful way.  Her decks can go directly to senior management, which is a huge help for the busy corporate client.”
Nadine Brewer/Nadine Brewer Consulting

“I have known Barbara professionally for many years and have had the opportunity to work with her on a number of Strategic Planning projects, from fast-food to emerging mindsets during the Great Recession.  Barbara has continued to deliver innovation, inventive and insightful work.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”
Jeffrey Wolf/Managing Director – The Kaplan Thaler Group