I spent many years working in advertising as an Account Planner before branching off to work as an independent qualitative researcher.  My advertising background gave shape to my passion for understanding the deeper, emotional connections people make to brands.


I believe that each assignment is totally unique so what I do varies from project to project.  I have a wealth of tried and true tools that I regularly turn to, but I love the challenge of innovating and developing new methodologies that are tailored to a specific problem.

The end goal for me is to understand people and the world they live in.  Using this as a framework, I arrive at a clarity that makes the work fun, enriching and ultimately usable.

Pomegranate Planning is the evolution of The Milgram Consultancy, which began in 1996.  I recently discovered (better late than never!) that Milgram is derived from pomegranate: in Latin mille granata, means fruit of a thousand seeds.

This is a perfect metaphor for my consultancy since pomegranates are symbols of abundance and creativity and are imbued with vitalizing anti-oxidants.  Their very essence reflects the style of my work, which is guided by a spirit of planting seeds that grow into energizing and fruitful business ideas.